1. WINGO DINGO : a logic game smiling and friendly for 2 players

Author : Christian Huck

Présentation : 2 identical decks of 27 card plus 3 special yellow cards.
Each picture offers 3 features : the head, the mouth and the eyes, in 3 colours.

Object of the game : to find the card hidden by tour opponent according to its resemblance to your own cards in a minimum of turns.

To play : each of the 2 players picks up a deck of 27 cards. The 3 special cards are aligned in 1 column, face up. One player chooses a card from his own deck and the second player has to discover which card it is.
The second player shows cards chosen from his own pack, one at a time. For each card, his opponent tells him the scale of resemblance between the chosen card and the hidden one :

 NONE (no identical feature is one of the same colour)
 A LITTLE (1 identical feature is one of the same colour)
 PLENTY (2 ou 3 identical feature are one of the same colour)
According to the information obtained, the player places his cards face up next to the corresponding special card. This allows him to work out solutions and draw conclusions.

2. WINGODINGO TRIO : for 2 or more players

The 2 packs are shuffled together to form the pick-up pile. The 3 special cards are not used.
9 cards are placed face-up on the table forming a 3 X 3 grid.
The first player to find a line or a column of 3 cards with one identical feature of the same colour call "TRIO". If right he picks up all the cards from that line or column.
3 cards from the pick-up pile replace the cards that were won from the line or column of the grid.
If nobody finds a TRIO, 3 new cards are placed over the others on one of the 2 diagonals.
When the pick-up pile is empty, the player with the most cards wins.

Family game, from 5 years
66 playing cards
Rules of the game in 6 languages :
F - GB - D - NL - E - I
Shipping : worldwide
Price : 12,00 € (priority shipping included)

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